We could all have this ugly bug living in our intestines...

All along, the medical establishment has considered it just a mere nuisance at most...

But now they're discovering it's a far more serious problem...

It's been implicated in the recent increase in CANCER rates!

  • Take this simple home test to find out if you’re infected with this bug right now. Then discover the steps to eliminate it - naturally.
  • Find out the 6 triggers that cause this stealth cancer factory to flourish. Chances are you’re doing at least three of them right now.
  • Discover the 5 delicious foods that kill this bugAnd can also help stop cancer in its tracks.

Dear Reader,

It touches so many lives… One minute you’re laughing and joking with someone and the next day you get the shocking news… They’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

You’re in disbelief.

How can it be?

Seemingly healthy the one minute, struck by cancer the next…

This is how it is for over 14 million people every year.

It’s puzzling for you and I, and it’s puzzled scientists and researchers all over the world for decades.

But, a recent study in Taiwan may have revealed the reason cancer seems to strike – seemingly without any warning…

It’s because of this very ‘parasitic’ bug lurking inside more than 75% of people worldwide.

That’s ¾ of the population at increased risk for cancer thanks to…


Despite its pretty name, it could be the leading cause of destruction of millions of innocent lives… of horrendous anguish and pain… and of bitter loss…

The stealth but DEADLY ‘bug’ NOBODY has warned you about yet…

It affects both men and women and it’s evaded scientists for decades… despite the trillions of dollars that have been thrown into the bottomless pit of cancer research.

Candida is a type of yeast that lives in your intestines. In normal circumstances, it’s part of your healthy gut bacteria.

In its yeast form, Candida actually poses very little threat to your health…

But when those yeast cells convert to a fungal form, they grow long tubes named hyphae, and that’s when the Candida colonies in your intestines can spread and grow exponentially.

The fungi burrow themselves into your intestinal lining and widen the spacing between cells. This allows undigested food particles and toxins to escape into your bloodstream, triggering an immediate immune response which leads to chronic inflammation. And chronic inflammation creates free radicals that cause cancer.

That’s not all…

According to another review in the British Medical Bulletin, these Candida hyphae spew out up to 79 different poisons into the bloodstream, including mycotoxins, which can trigger cancer.

Dr Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, has been researching the link between Candida and cancer. His theory, based on years of research, is that the fungus forms cancer tumours to protect itself from the body’s immune system.

It’s really no coincidence…

Dr Karthaus, head of haematology and oncology at the Neuperlach Hospital in Germany had three different leukaemia patients go into remission after receiving antifungal treatment combined with a very low dose chemotherapy.

So, it’s no surprise that in a meta-analysis of multiple studies, published in Critical Reviews in Microbiology, the researchers concluded that Candida infections promote cancer.

And, what’s scarier is how fast a Candida infection can attack your healthy cells…

Research published in the Mycoses journal describes how researchers took human epithelial tissues from the vagina and oesophagus and infected them with Candida albicans. They then measured exactly how long it would take for the Candida albicans hyphae to penetrate the tissue.

The researchers were shocked to learn that it took only between 22 and 59 hours for the Candida fungus to completely penetrate through the human tissue. They went on to state that, “If Candida cells are able to invade host tissues without being restrained by natural defence mechanisms, they may create a realistic threat of invasion of blood vessels… within approximately 1.5 days.”

Is it any surprise then that you could be speaking to someone the one day and the next day they tell you they’ve been diagnosed with cancer?

Worse, it’s such a newly discovered threat that most doctors wouldn’t even think to look for it…

But, wouldn’t you like to know if this deadly ‘bug’ is growing inside you right now?

I know I did…

I’m Antoinette Pombo, managing editor for Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier.

Dr Golding, in conjunction with FSPHealth&Fitness, has been bringing crucial breakthrough alerts like this one to thousands of ordinary South Africans for years… Often before mainstream medicine gets wind of them…

Of course, if you do find you’re infected with an overgrowth of Candida, you’ll want to take immediate steps before it launches into a full-scale attack on your cells.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman, man, young or old. Candida could stifle your health in two different ways…

First, by weakening your immune system, by burrowing through your intestinal wall and slowly poisoning your cells…

Or, by invading your body when your immune system is weakened through illness, chronic stress, a poor diet or certain medications…

The good news is, it is possible to stop this fungus in its tracks – naturally and safely. Not only this, the natural solutions you’re about discover not only eradicate candida, but they’ve also been shown to destroy cancer cells.

It’s easy and inexpensive to eradicate this fungus. You can do it yourself, and at home.

And, of course, it would be better to kill the ‘bug’ that causes cancer before it can do any real damage.

Imagine, you wouldn’t have to submit your body to the destruction of chemo and radiation, or the great pain and expense that comes with these cancer treatments…

But first, if Candida is supposed to be just a yeast that lives harmoniously in your gut…

What makes it turn into this vicious beast that causes cancer in the same environment that hosts it?

6 Triggers that awaken this ‘silent’ beast and send it on a destructive path…

Trigger #1:

The first thing that sets Candida off on its rogue mission is the overuse of antibiotics.

Are you shrugging your shoulders right now, thinking, that’s not me?

Well, how many times have you been to the doctor for flu symptoms, an irritating cough, bronchitis, a sinus or ear infection, or a sore throat, for instance?

And of those, how many times have you walked away with a prescription for an antibiotic in your hands?

The majority, right?

The reality is, in 50% of cases, South African doctors prescribe antibiotics to patients who don’t need them.

That’s because antibiotics only work for bacterial infections, not viral infections. And you’ll only know if what you have is bacterial if you do a blood test which can take days… so doctors tend to err on the side of caution… by prescribing antibiotics either way.

Seems responsible enough, but…

While antibiotics have saved millions of lives since the invention of penicillin, like everything else in life, there’s a fine line that separates its good effects from its bad ones…

And, when you take antibiotics when they’re not absolutely necessary, you’re only encouraging anti-drug resistant pathogens to build up their resistance against the medicines we hope to kill them with…

As soon as these bugs get the upper hand on the ‘battle field’, they start killing off the good bacteria in your gut that help your immune system fight off disease-forming invaders.

And while your immune system is weak, they launch into ‘killer mode’...

…That’s why several studies have linked the use of antibiotics to cancer. 

In one US study, individuals who had taken antibiotics for more than 15 days between the ages of 20 and 59, were 73% more likely to be diagnosed with pre-cancerous polyps in the colon.

And, while taking a quality probiotic is an important step to keep Candida from replicating itself into a ‘deadly monster,’ it’s not enough of a deterrent…

Trigger #2:

If you’ve included refined carbs in your diet, you’ve been feeding this monster. That’s right, bread, cake, pies, ice-cream, sweets, chips, sugar, certain dairy products… all help this deadly bug to thrive.

Alcohol is one of its favourites too, and if you smoke, then you could be further encouraging Candida growth…

But, if that wasn’t bad enough… All these ingredients feed cancer cells too, so before you know it, you have a full-blown terminal illness on your hands that seemed like a distant nightmare just days before!

In a moment, I’ll show you where to get a full list of foods you MUST stay away from to get rid of Candida - and keep it away - as well as five delicious foods that have been proven to stop Candida in its tracks!

You’ll also learn how to disarm these bugs while you’re eliminating them from your system to control the poisons they excrete into your bloodstream that cause serious flu-like symptoms. This is one of their defence mechanisms and it can make you feel really awful. It’s the reason many people give up half way through their treatment.    

Trigger #3:

Does your doctor prescribe steroids to treat your rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hay fever, allergies, chronic fatigue or another condition?

If so, you are at increased risk for a Candida infection.

Steroids bind with Candida and suppress the immune system. And as we know already, when you weaken the immune system, Candida runs rife!

The other reason Candida thrives with the use of steroids is because these drugs increase blood sugar levels – which continuously feeds this deadly pathogen.

Trigger #4:

Another hormone that increases blood sugar levels is cortisol.

Cortisol is released into the bloodstream when you become stressed.

But that’s not all it does… elevated cortisol levels also weakens the immune system, which further encourages Candida to flourish.

And I understand that you can’t just turn stress off or get rid of the problems that are causing your stress. But there are simple (and realistic) things you can do to minimise the effects of stress. More on that in a bit…

Trigger #5:

If you’re diabetic, pre-diabetic or insulin resistant, there’s no need to remind you that your blood sugar levels were high at some point. And, if you’re still struggling to balance your blood sugar levels despite doing ‘everything right’, you’ll want to check as soon as possible to see if Candida is to blame!

Trigger #6:

Women are more susceptible to Candida infections during menopause. With the drop in oestrogen levels, the vaginal walls become thinner and tiny scratches form on them, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, like Candida to grow.

And, if you thought that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) would resolve this issue, you’d be mistaken… Higher levels of oestrogen due to HRT can create a damp and moist environment for the Candida to flourish in. 

Is it any surprise that over 75% of people all over the world are infected to some degree with Candida?

Claim your FREE Report: How to Disarm Candida and STOP Cancer in its Tracks!

I’d like to send you, on behalf of Dr Golding, this free report detailing:

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·        3 Things to do to disarm Candida’s defence mechanism and control the poisons it releases into your bloodstream while you’re eliminating it from your body

·        And, how to minimise the effects of stress to prevent a secondary Candida infection

You don’t have to feel terrible during your treatment… 

I mentioned earlier that one of Candida’s defence mechanisms involves it spewing dozens of toxins into your bloodstream when it’s threatened. These toxins can make you feel terrible, including:

·        Brain-fog

·        Severe fatigue

·        Joint and muscle pain

·        Fever

·        Sinus infections

·        Inflammation

·        Terrible headaches

·        Nausea

·        Dizziness

·        Constipation and diarrhoea

·        Heart palpitations

·        Skin breakouts

These symptoms can last for weeks unless you know how to control them. In your special free report, How to Disarm Candida and STOP Cancer in its Tracks! you’ll discover exactly what to do to circumvent them while you wipe Candida from your system.

Keeping it natural and safer…

Doctors often prescribe anti-fungal drugs for severe Candida infections, but these have their own nasty side-effects. Imagine experiencing the die-off symptoms listed above and the drug’s side-effects, which can include:

·        Stomach pain

·        Diarrhoea

·        Nausea

·        Vomiting

·        Skin rash and blisters

·        Allergic reactions

Don’t go through all the pain and suffering as you embark on your journey to good health, find out how to eliminate this deadly bug safely and naturally from your body in your free report: How to Disarm Candida and STOP Cancer in its Tracks!

And when you do, you’ll not only be helping to protect yourself from deadly cancers, you could experience the best health in years.

Imagine, more energy, a sharper brain, your digestive issues sorted and your joints and muscles finally free from pain…

Your invitation to be one of the first people in South Africa to know about important, life-saving news like this… 

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